Caffeine as Healthy Supplement

Caffeine as Healthy Supplement

Caffeine is a biologic compound that is basically enhances our nervous activity, or simply we can say that it is an antidepressant agent that helps to down the level of depression or fatigue. Caffeine supplements are also good for health. As I am mentioning some of the advantages of caffeine here below:

Caffeine as Healthy Supplement:

According to a Japanese research, Caffeine enhances memory conditions. Another research showed that caffeine tablets of about 200mg can be helpful in boosting memory.

Other advantages of caffeine are:

1-Caffeine supplements provide you a glycogen contraction in muscles faster than normal.

2-It helps to increase your stamina during heavy exercise.

3-Caffeine can be protects from cataracts.

4-Excessive eye lid spasm can also be controlled from intake of caffeine.

5-Caffeine stops the risk of creating kidney stones.

6-It also increases growth of hairs in balding men and women.

7-Another research shows that consumers of caffeine up to 300mg per day i.e. mainly men, are having reduced risk of erectile dysfunction.

8-Caffeine may also fight against skin cancers.

9-A study showed that caffeine consumers are at low risk of suicidal conditions.

10-Caffeine filters the colon and also helps in detoxification of liver.

11-It also reduces the risk of cardiac attack as much as 20%.

These are some benefits of caffeine for human body and its functions. Now I am discussing about negative affects to caffeine supplements.

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Caffeine as an Unhealthy Supplement:

Consumption of caffeine however good for health but there are also some affects that are continuously damaging our body due to the consumption of excess caffeine intake.

Below are some side effects of this product showing that how caffeine affects our health:

Some common Affects:

1-Consumption of caffeine may cause dizziness, diarrhea and fast heart beat.

2- Severe nausea and tremors can also cause from it.

3- Nervousness, irritability, or severe shakes usually in newborn babies.

4-Sleep disorders or disturbed sleep patterns are also caused by caffeine intake.

5-Hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia are common due to excessive Caffeine consumption.

6-Hyperglycemia includes dry mouth, dry skin, loss of appetite, fruit like odor of breath, unusual thirst, blurred vision, drowsiness, stomach pain, urine in large excessive amount, ketones in urine and tiredness.

6-Hypoglycemia includes cool pale skin, increased hunger, cool sweats, confusions, restless sleep, shaking of a body and nausea.

7-High blood pressure may also cause in people with high blood pressure problems through caffeine diet. But it is rare in people who consume caffeine in daily routine.

8-Caffeine gives heavy feelings to the eye or inside the eye after consumption of it, and may be lasts for 30 to 70 minutes.

9-An important and dangerous side effect of caffeine for pregnant women is miscarriage and other problems related to their pregnancy and conceiving.

10-Anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, bleeding disorders and heart disorders are one of the main causes of caffeine excessive intake.

11-Some studies also showed that caffeine affects in diabetes patients as well, so if you are having diabetes mellitus use caffeine with possible cautions.

Hope this article may help you to study about caffeine supplements for both lifestyles, i.e. healthy and unhealthy life.


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