Health And Technology

Health and Technology

Health is also called as well being and a person is considered healthy when he or she is secured or protected from some chronic illness and is healthy because of eating a proper healthy meal of diet and doing a proper exercise. Health is something related to body metabolism and covers almost all the functions of your body.

Health is directly proportional to diet and exercise. If good diet or exercise is skipped, results in worsen situations that can be called as bad health. It is well said that “health is wealth”. If one person is wealthy and rich but is suffering from some health related issues will be considered as wealthy but not healthy and wealth cannot buy health because health is a condition free from any trouble to body.

We can divide health in two stages:

1-Physical health: It is related to physical stability of body, i.e. to fight against invasive infections or microbes and prevent body from its adverse effect and regulate body function properly.

2-Mental health: It is related to mental stability of body. If one person has proper mental health will be considered healthy. If depression or any other mental disorder effects his nervous system, he or she will be unable to lead a successful and joyful life.

The things which have strong role in our health include our living environment. Our health is greatly influenced by Technology in many ways, for example media, internet, social networking sites, cell phones, smart phones, showbiz etc

How Technology Effects health:

Technology and health are in a big relationship with each other in a negative manner as well as in a positive way.

Media plays an important role in maintaining our health as there are many health related channels that guide people how to care and maintain your health. Media conduct health campaign to create awareness among people and also plays a great role in controlling health of a society.

Showbiz greatly affect our society and people are crazy to appear like the people whom they are viewing on their screens. Everyone wants to be slim and smart like television celebrities and models in order to fulfill this requirement of being look alike or appear exactly like them. This mind sickness cause mental disturbance and physically fatigue them.

Cell phones are another cause of health illnesses. Excessive use of cell phones cause brain damage and also responsible depression, fatigue, feeling dizzy.  Mobile phones however makes our life easier I many aspects but on the other hand it is dangerous for our healthy structure. According to a Swedish research regular use of cell phone is a main cause of brain tumors. Another research shows that radiations emitted by mobiles causes reduction of brain glucose as well.

One more main thing that is included in destroying your health is internet or social media trap. Social networking site like such as face book, twitter, or you tube are affecting a healthy person on hourly basis.  Eyes are the main organ which is first tends to be effected by excessive use of internet.

Lastly there is a conclusion of this article that use of these technologies are useful for our daily life work but we should use them in a controlled manner and can also get healthy tips from them to avoid your bad health structures.

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