Mobile Phone Users Health

Mobile Phone Users Health

It’s 2015 and the world has been racing towards the future making devices that make the lives of everyone easier and better. However, believe it or not, every device in history has always had its effect on our health. The effects may be both positive and negative on the human health but the fact that the effects are always there is true as it can be. Because of this fact many gadgets and high end devices have been a victim of both criticism and endorsement by doctors all over the world but the most criticism that has been shown on a recent gadget is the mobile phone.

Yes, you own it. Your kids own it. Even your grandkids own it. But have you ever thought that mobile phones can have effects on your health as well? Today we’ve listed some pros and cons of using too much mobile on your health.

Mobile Phone Pros:

Mobile phones DO NOT cause cancer- A chain of text messages got forward back in 2008 that claimed that the Radio Frequency caused by mobile phones causes cancer. A research by a renowned team of scientists’ claims that mobile phones do generate Radio Frequency just like your Radio and TV but the Radio Frequency isn’t harmful enough to cause you cancer because they are unable to ionise in your tissues.

Mobile Phones are beneficial for patients facing heart problems and blood pressure- Too much tension for a patient of blood pressure and cardiac problems can even cause death. Most of the times these problems are faced by elders but according to a survey, a mobile phone is beneficial for them. E.g. If you’re going away on a trip and your grandma is worried, she can easily call you with her mobile phone.

Better games for a smarter you- Studies show that playing smarter games can increase intelligence and cause positive effects on the brain. Your brain cells start working on a maximum when you start playing games like QuizUp and CutTheRope and this is a huge pro.

Mental Health Tips

Mobile Phone Cons:

Frequent use of Cell phones may cause brain tumors- Research has shown that the RF created by the mobile phone can integrate at least 2 inches deep in your brains which causes Brain Tumors. Mobile phones can’t cause you brain cancer but that doesn’t mean they can’t damage your brain cells.

Possible sperm damage- As unusual as it sounds, it is the truth. A research in 2011 showed that mobile phones can be a huge cause of infertility. With the increase in pornographic websites, teenagers can lead to damaging their sperm structures.

May disrupt Pacemakers- Sensitive heart patients undergo a pace maker surgery with the help of which their heart attack can stabilize the ECG of a patient. However, mobile phones can disrupt the readings of pacemakers and can even cause potential cardiac arrests if the RF starts affecting the heart patients.

Causes accidents- According to the statistics of early 2013, almost 72% of the road accidents all over the world are caused by a distraction by the mobile phone.


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